Sunday, December 19, 2010 platoon, one valley, one year.

Some of us have loved ones who are in the military and some of us are lucky enough to not, I am in the latter category. As Christmas nears,  my heart hurts for those who do.  Todd(my hubby) and I watched the movie Restrepo, a film by Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) and Tim Hetherington. It was about a platoon that was stationed to the Korengal Valley of Afganistan, the deadliest place on Earth at the moment. Junger and Hetherington were embedded in the area with this military outfit with the sole purpose of bringing to light the day to day life and voice of the men who are serving there. The film focuses on an outpost named Restrepo, named after one of their own fallen soldiers. The interesting thing about this film is it shows the unimaginable: Men building an outpost with their own hands, making major inroads into this dangerous valley while dodging bullets. Men with shovels in their hands one minute, then guns in their hands then next. For me it was important to get some insight into how the actual soldiers felt about their mission. I enjoyed their camaraderie, and cried with them in loss. For a topic that gets a lot of press, no one has shown the human side of it like Junger and Hetherington. You can catch it on Netflix. It's better than any reality show on TV! Check out the trailer below!
This video is about Sal Giunta, who received the Metal of Honor for actions at Restrepo.
He is the first person to receive the Metal of Honor since the Vietnam War. 

Next movie: Blind Sight!

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