Friday, October 1, 2010

10 thing you may not know about L'il Old Moi!

10. I've been in a Peruvian jail...Joren van der Sloot, you are screwed!
9. I don't have a middle name...feel sort of gypped about this one.
8. I'm addicted to watching whole seasons of shows on Netflix. I'm currently hooked on Rescue Me.
7. I think I was Spanish in my past life.
6. I'd love to be able to time travel.
5. I secretly wish I could be present when Karma bites people in the ass.
4. My dream is to travel the world and photograph its people. To inspire(coach) people to write poetry and incorporate the two into a book. I know we'd all write about the same things and the thought gives me goosebumps!
3.  I suffer from the mental illness of guilt. I have guilt for everything . Not big stuff, no regrets. I just mean I feel guilty sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I feel guilty for wasting time. Feel guilty for not working on my ETSY shop, etc. I pretty much feel like I should always be doing something productive. AND it has the opposite effect on me...I end up being less productive.
2. Guilty pleasure movies: Bring It On( I know I know), Fools Rush In,  Bridget Jones(the first one) If they are on TV, they are on in my house!
Drum roll!!

1. When I was growing up, these were the professions I wanted to be: Astronaut(1st grade), teacher (3rd grade), novelist (8th grade--I actually did write a book about being an Olympic gymnast), stunt person(9th grade), med tech/pediatrician(10th grade), teacher/wedding photographer (11-12 grade). I'm still as confused about it!

Happy October Everyone!!