Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Documentaries...the original reality show!

I'm not nearly old enough to be the grumpy, curmudgeon that complains about the youth of the world, but I'm seriously concerned. What is going on with the world when my middle school students admire/revere the stars of the most tawdry reality shows?? I'll take them worshiping rock stars and sports athletes over this!

I'm no expert in child psychology, but from what I know, adolescents' brains are not developed enough to process the information/ social ambiguities of these shows. As adults we're able to see these shows for what they are: sometimes humorous, mostly ridiculous, almost always brainless, escapes from our lives because we have the wisdom and experience to understand them. My 8th graders do not! So in class,(and probably out in public) they try to replicate characters from shows like the Jersey Shore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for censorship, but I implore the viewers and producers of these shows to think about what they are teaching the youth of America. They should also consider what the world thinks of Americans when they view these shows. Someone told me a story of a friend that lived in the UK and only got the Jerry Springer show. So her only experience of American woman was what was represented on that show. She was presently surprised to learn that we don't all carry chairs, at the ready, to throw at people! Ok, rant over!

I could go on and on, but to get to the order of business: I've decided not to dwell on the state of the world, but instead to approach this with positivity. Upon reflection of the movie, Julia and Julia, I've decided to do a similar challenge but with documentaries. I've decided to counteract all the reality show drama of the world by watching a documentary every other day and blogging about it on the off days. Maybe others will decide to do the same. If everyone did this, poof! they'd disappear! What do ya say?

The first documentary I'll be reviewing is 180 Degrees South! Stay tuned!

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