Thursday, July 15, 2010

Treasury--The Gang!

So a few days ago I was whining(in a forum) a bit about how I'm never on the front page of ETSY . A handful of some very sweet people gave me some advice about networking. So I made a treasury of their beautiful items.

Since I'm lame and can't figure out how to do f10 and create a screenshot, I've included the link for you to check out. I'd like to highlight one seller here right now though. I know "they" say that the jewelry market is saturated on ETSY, but I can't stress enough how much I love to buy unique, interesting, one of a kind or one of a few pieces of jewelry. I often get invited to Silpada parties and I hate them. Expensive jewelry that everyone owns. You can literally pick it out as people wear it. I hate that. I'd much rather spend my money(even more money than Silpada) on something unique for me and for gifts. I'd like to share with you today the works
In particular I love this piece:
The colors are gorgeous and it's so different. Check out: www.involution.etsy.comand decide for yourself!

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